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News: 2007
Veror Lenten Bracelets - An Albanian Folk Tradition - 03/07/2007

Veror is an Albanian folk spring-time tradition - whose origin is clouded in time - there was the practice of children wearing string bracelets for a period of time, bracelets that they would cut off and throw on the bushes so that the birds would take them for their nesting material. 

In our parish, this folk custom was integrated into the church as a Lenten effort/reminder during Great Lent. 

At the Church School session on Forgiveness Sunday, the children and their teachers tie this bracelet on their right hand, and keep it on until Paschal Vespers, when they cut it off, and place it on the bushes for the birds. 

Many adults of the parish wear this bracelet in solidarity with the children.

The bracelets are crocheted red and white strings - a reminder of the nature of Christ: both God and man.

The Barmashi's celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! - 05/06/2007

On May 6, 2007 we marked the 50th Wedding Anniversary of George and Toni Barmashi.  Following the liturgy, Fr. Sergei offered special prayers and presented the couple with an icon of Christ.  The community then adjourned to enjoy a celebratory coffee hour.

The Vasil's celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary! - 06/03/2007

On June 3rd, the family of Bill and Alice Vasil marked their 60th Wedding Anniversary at the church.  Fr. Sergei offered special prayers and presented the couple with an icon of Christ.  The community then adjourned to enjoy a celebratory coffee hour.

June Charity Supports the Aleandro's Mission Trip to Kenya - 07/01/2007

This past June, St. George collected over $1,400 to help send Fr. Vladimir & Prifteresha Susanne Aleandro to Kenya on a mission trip.

Dear Father and Parish Community:
Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your continued support for the mission work being done by OCMC this summer.
Father Vladimir and I are expected to be part of the team that will build St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Lodar, Kenya. With grateful hearts we thank you for your second contribution in support of both of us - for our mission trip.  Please remember us in prayer.  You will be remembered each day by us.
With your prayers, Fr. Vladimir and Matoushka Suzanne


Church School Supports Roosevelt School Health Clinic - 07/01/2007

The St. George Church School donated books, games, and backpacks to the Health Clinic at Roosevelt School.  Below is the Thank You:

Dear Church School Children:
On behalf of the school-based health clinic at Roosevelt School, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your recent donation of books, games, puzzles and backpacks for our students.  It was thoughtful and generous of you.  The students are already enjoying the books when they come to our health clinic for their appointments with our nurse practioner, social worker, outreach worker medical assistant or dentist.  Again, thank you for your assistance, support, and caring.
Sincerly yours,
Donna S. Vitulano LCSW
Site Coordinator/Social Worker


Congratulations to Carley Cagel & Ronald Smith on the birth of their daughter! - 07/08/2007

Congratulations to Carley Cagel and Ronald Smith on the birth of their daughter, Ava Jean Smith - we look forward to her christening, and pray that god will bless them all!

The Jordhamo's Celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary - 07/08/2007

On Sunday, July 8th, we offered our congratulations to Harry and Sandie Jordhamo on the celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary! May God grant you many more blessed years to come - of joy and health!

God bless Ava Jean Smith! - 07/22/2007

We welcome Ava Jean Smith into the Holy Orthodox Church as she was christened on July 22nd.  Also, congratulations to her parents Carley Cagel and Ronald Smith.

Congratulations and continued Best Wishes to our recent Graduates! - 07/23/2007

High School:

Christopher Adams graduated with High Honors from Shelton High School and will be attending the University of Connecticut in September.

Rebecca Chadwick graduated with High Honors from Trumbull High School.  Rebecca is attending Quinnipiac University in the fall.

Christine Denisevich graduated with High Honors from Trumbull High School and will be attending Marist College this fall.

College / Post-Graduate:

Christina Adams completed her Masters in Education at the University of Bridgeport and recently received her teaching certification.

Hannah Adams received a double-degree; a Bachelor of Arts in both Communications and in Political Science from the University of Connecticut.

Sarah O'Brien graduated from Iona College and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Best Wishes to Tom Buzi! - 07/25/2007

We are pleased to hear that Tom Buzi has his party's unanimous endorsement to run for the position of First Selectman of Monroe. We wish him well!

Memory Eternal! - Constantine Marko - 08/01/2007

We offer the family of Constantine "Koch/Coach" Marko our heartfelt sympathy. May his "Memory be eternal!"

God bless Lila Jacqueline Dionis! - 08/25/2007

Congratulations to Lila Dionis and her parents John & Debbie Dionis on Lila's recent christening on August 25th.  We welcome Lila into the Holy Orthodox Church.

Congratulations to Bill Kovachi - 08/26/2007

We are pleased to learn that Bill Kovachi was recently honored by the Monroe Public Schools' Parents Council as an "unsung hero of education".  

Jim & Vi Bowe celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! - 09/09/2007

On Sunday, September 9th, we offered our congratulations to Jim and Vi Bowe on the clelebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary!  May God grant you many more blessed years to come - of joy and health!

Memory Eternal! - Marie Lazar - 09/20/2007

We offer the family of Marie Lazar our heartfelt sympathy. May her "Memory be eternal!"

Peter & Florence Jordhamo celebrate 50th Anniversary! - 09/23/2007

On Sunday, September 23rd, we offered our congratulations to Peter and Florence Jordhamo who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 22nd.  May God grant you many more blessed years to come!

2007 Albanian Archdiocesean Assembly Completed - 10/01/2007

Our parish was represented at the 2007 Albanian Archdiocesean Assembly by Father Sergei, Bill Kovachi, and Bob Lazar. The Assembly was held in Worcester, Massachusetts. Delegate reports will be submitted in future weekly bulletins.

Click to read the Bishop's Report to the Archdiocesean Assembly

Good Luck to our Collegians! - 10/04/2007

The following is a status of some our our young adults currently enrolled in college.  Best wishes for continued success!

Chris Adams - Freshman at the University of Connecticut

Anna Bouteneff - pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching at Sacred Heart University

Chris Buzi - Sophomore at Western Connecuticut State University majoring in Criminal Justice

Jessica Chadwick - Senior at Alberta Magnus College majoring in Psychology.

Rebecca Chadwick - Freshman at Qunnipiac University majoring in Communications.

Steve Csernica - Senior at Lehigh University majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Christine Denisevich - Freshman at Marist College.

Lara Beth Lazar -  Graduate student working on her Masters in the Physical Assistance Program at Quinnipiac University.

Danielle Masek - second year of Law School at Loyola Law School, New Orleans, LA.

Mike Masek - Senior at Fordham University majoring in Computer Science.

Chelsey O'Brien - Sophomore at Lasell College, MA majoring in Fashion Merchandising. 

Chris and Joanne Tallcouch celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! - 10/07/2007

On Sunday, October 7th, we offer our congratulations to Chris and Joanne Tallcouch who recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Annivversary.  May God grant you many more blessed years to come!

Memory Eternal - Mary (Costa) Wilan - 10/28/2007

We received word that Mary (Costa) Wilan fell asleep in the Lord on Thursday, October 25th, and was buried from the St. George (Greek Orthodox) Cathedral of Hartford.

Many years ago, she served as the parish's Choir Director.

Annual Bazaar a success! - 11/05/2007

The Fall Bazaar was a success and the Teuta Ladies Society of St. George would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support! 

Click here to view photos.

Congratulations to Tom Buzi on his victory! - 11/06/2007

Congratulations to Tom Buzi who was elected as FIrst Selectman in the town of Monroe.  Our heartfelt best wishes to Tom (and to Pam) for continued success with their new challenges!

Father Sergei marks his 30th Anniversary as a Priest - 11/24/2007

Congratulations to Father Sergei who is marking his 30th Anniversary as a priest on Tuesday, November 27th.  May God grant you many more blessed years!

Thank you to Teuta Ladies Society for their generous donation! - 11/26/2007

The Teuta Ladies Society recently made a donation of $10,000 to our church as result of the proceeds from their Fall Bazaar.  May God grant the Teuta Ladies Society many more blessed years to come for their continued generosity and support to St. George.

Saint Nicholas Party was held December 1st. - 12/02/2007

Following the regular Saturday Vespers on December 1st, we had a lovely "Saint Nicholas" party.  This annual event is a gathering in community for fellowship and seasonal joy.  The Friends & Family of the Church School (our version of a Parents-Teachers Organization) sponsor a Pizza Dinner and a visit from Santa for the children of the parish. Each family is invited to bring a new, unwrapped toy that is forwarded to "Toys for Tots" program.

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Care Packages for our College Students - 12/07/2007

Following the pre-Christmas Choir rehearsal, the gathered members from the Choir packaged their annual Care Packages to our College students. Home-made cookies, hot cocoa mix, energy bars, and candies are a welcomed arrival in the dorms. This is an outreach to the young men and women of our parish as they face exam time - and just before they return from their semester break.

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Thanks for the Christmas beautification - 12/15/2007

We give many thanks to Jennifer Goetz, Cheryl & Peter Themel, and Donalyn & Evely Wales for all their efforts to beautify our church for the Christmas season.

Christmas Eve Nativity Tableaux - 12/24/2007

At the Christmas Eve services, following the Compline with the blessing of the bread (artoklassia), the parish community sang carols as the Church School children enacted the Nativity in a series of Tableaux.  Many thanks to Jennifer Geotz for all of the program coordination and to the Choir for leading us with the singing of the carols.

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Celebrating the Feast Liturgy of the Nativity - 12/25/2007

On December 25th, we celebrated the feast liturgy of the Nativity.  This was followed by the traditional carol sing that accompanied our Church School children's reenactment of the Nativity Story in a series of tableaux.

Please Click Here to go to the Photo Archive and view additional photos.

Thank you to Commerce Park Funeral Home! - 12/30/2007

Our heartfelt thanks to the Commerce Park Funeral Home and the Dougiello family for their gift of poinsettias which decorated the church for the Christmas services.  The Dougiello family has been a good friend to the parish, and Ron a supportive parishioner! 

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