St. George Orthodox Church
Albanian Archdiocese of the OCA
Trumbull, Connecticut
Thank you to many!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the many people who helped to make Lent, Holy Week and Pascha beautiful and meaningful celebrations.  Additionally much of this stewardship continued throughout the past year and helped St. George maintain its service cycles throughout the liturgical year.

Thank you to many!


Initially, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to Bill Kovachi, Fr. Sergei Bouteneff and to the other members of the Parish Council: Laura Coughlin, Luba Csernica, Peter Dacey, Joe Galich, Louise Karoli Gallagher, Cathy Hotova, and Bob Lazar for all their leadership, hard work and diligence to ensuring St. George could continue to operate safely over the past 2 years of this COVID pandemic. 

To Louise Karoli Gallagher and Cathy Hotova for managing all the COVID safety protocols (temperatures, attendance, seating charts, special cleaning, etc) over the past 2 years (as required and as they changed) by regulatory authorities. 

Thank you to Karen Masek, Chirstine Kruczek, and Mark Michael for their donation of flowers for the Petafi in memory of the Michael family.  Additional thanks to Voula Zargos and other anonymous donations towards Petafi flowers.

Thank you to the ‘Myrrh-bearing Women” who decorated the Petafi: Jean Brideau, Laura Coughlin, Mary DiIulio, Pauline Dionis, Louise Karoli Gallagher, Cathy Hotova, Dolores Nauchy, and Jeanette Nichio.

A special thanks to Louise Karoli Gallagher for donating the dyed Pascha Eggs.

Thanks to Jennifer Goetz for decorating the Church for Holy Pascha, as she also does each year for the Nativity of Christ.

Fr. Sergei Bouteneff who served all the Lenten, Holy Week and Paschal services for us, and for continuing to assist us, and serve all the Liturgies at St. George since September 2018.

Luba Csernica and Cathy Hotova for the live-streaming of services.

Cantors Peter Dacey and Charles Soter for their dedication and singing at all the services, and for their singing over the past 2 years. 

The Choir and Karen Masek for their singing on Palm Sunday, the Holy Wednesday Bridegroom service with Unction, the Holy Friday Matins with Lamentations, and the midnight Paschal Liturgy. 

Our all the volunteer readers who helped during all of the Holy Week services

Bob Lazar for his assistance in the sanctuary – he faithfully helps at all services.

To the Altar Servers for their time and assistance.

To Sue, Melissa, and Erin Galich and Laura Chadwick for preparing and organizing the successful Children’s Easter Egg Hunt after the Paschal Vesper service.  Also thanks to all the donations of candy which was needed to fill the plastic eggs. 

Also to Laura Coughlin who helped organize a few Church School activities this year.  Additional thanks to Lauren and Haley Dionis, and Dana Moras for working with the children, and to Sue and Melissa Galich who helped with the palm crosses for Palm Sunday.

And to all those who came to pray and celebrate the services

We wish to thank everyone for their continued cooperation and diligence with following the ever-changing parish’s COVID procedures.   Ensuring the safety of all congregants remains the priority for St. George.

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